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Storage Services You Can Rely On

Forget about your storage concerns. Turn to Exit 76 Ultimate Storage in Edinburgh, IN today! Read on to know more about our wide range of services.


Your Things Need a Safe Place 
Exit 76 takes pride in offering you an extremely secure facility. With modern LED lighting and 24 hour live video monitoring we can keep an eye on your things so you don't have to worry about them. Plus, we have an on-site facility manager who can answer any questions you might have. 

Get a Spacious, Clean Place to Preserve Your Past
With many different sized units, we have the space that's right for you. Plus with 24 hour proximity card access, you can access your personal belongings anytime you choose. 

We Offer the Following:

Commercial Storage

Different Spaces for different businesses
At our company, our facility can handle the storage requirements of your businesses. Connect with us today and schedule a tour with our facilities manager to find the perfect space for your needs. 

Get in, Regardless of the Hour
Our storage facilities can be accessed with your key card at any hour of the day. If you have a shipment at an unusual hour or a sudden demand for goods, you'll find that your space will be open and available, accommodating the needs of your business. 

Our Commercial Storage Units Have:


RV Storage

You Can't Always Go on a Cross-Country Trip
Your motorhome or RV is the ideal vehicle when traveling across the continental United States, taking in the beauty that our country has to offer. The problem, of course, is what you should do when the trip is done and you need a place for your RV.

Give Your RV a Nice Vacation Home
We understand that you don't want to sell your RV between trips. However, you wouldn’t want to keep it on the front lawn, either. Why not leave your RV in our storage facility where it will be keep safe from the elements, trees and pests. When you are ready to go on your next trip, your RV will be ready and waiting for you.

We Offer the Following:

Boat Storage

Where Can You Store Your Boat?
We can accommodate a variety of boat sizes. Some of our units are drive-through, which means you can drive in, unhook, and drive out. We also have outside water hydrants to either clean up your boat, or use to run and test water cooled motors.  

Easy Access to Major roads
With our proximity to I-65, we are the perfect place to keep your boat. You can hook up and be on the interstate in 5 minutes. No more having to mess with small roads and tight turns. 

We Have:

Classic Car Storage

Your Car is Your Baby
We can offer you exactly what you need to keep your car clean, safe, and secure. Use the outside water hydrant to clean it up after a weekend outing. Or with 24 hour access you can stop by anytime to adjust that carburetor. 


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